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Russia is a country that deserves the revenge of the whole world. What’s your reason for wishing to take revenge? Ruined human lives and crushed dreams? Decades of occupation and gunned-down revolutions? Man-made famine and global artificial disasters? Help Ukrainian soldiers punish Russia for everything.
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Famine. Ruined lives. Deaths. Russia has become a terrorist state. It's time to act.
Russia is fueling conflicts worldwide, destabilizing the situation in various regions. This affects overall stability and disrupts supply chains, leading to economic crises, famine, and ruined lives of ordinary people.
Ukraine believes in diplomacy as the only way to resolve conflicts. However, Russia thinks differently and understands only the position of power. We are ready to defend ourselves in any way possible.
You can write:
  • Wishes are connected with the bloody actions of Russia and the countries of predecessors like Muscovite Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, etc.
  • Messages to other people, your wishes, or even birthday greetings, if you wish.
  • Any desired text on any non-prohibited topic.
You can't write:
  • Hate speech against Ukraine or its allies, anyone, any community, any minority, or hostility based on racial discrimination, etc., except betrayers, adherents of the "Russian world", and those who at any time in history were against freedom, against the support of democracy and free choice.
  • Be careful: funds are not refundable. If the text does not follow our rules, we'll transfer funds to help the Armed Forces, but we won't fulfill your order.
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The donation amount $10 000 fulfilling on AGM-88 HARM. Orders below $500 will not be processed.
How it works
1. Donation
Donate $500 or more and write the text you want to see on the artillery shell
2. We fulfill the order
We pass your order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
3. Get a photo-proof
We will email you a photo and brief information about the use of this shell
How many shells were fired, and how much money were raised to help the Ukrainian armed forces
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This project was created to help the Ukrainian army
The RevengeFor was created by the Ukrainian public organization Militarnyi in collaboration with the startup studio Empat. All raised funds are immediately transferred to the accounts of the charity foundation ComeBackAlive, which is the largest organization that provides competent assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The organization has been operating since 2014 and has helped over 100 military units, and continues to assist during the new phase of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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Charity foundation "Come Back Alive"
How the fund helps the armed forces and what is purchased with the funds raised
  • Drones and UAVs
    2 919
  • Night optics
    4 314
  • Helmets
    5 660
  • Body armor
    17 206
  • Communications
    17 016
  • Laptops, tablets
    5 073
  • Cars
  • Other
    47 466
  • This and more for a total:
    $ 135 000 000+